"Thanks Ira, you're the best!"

Angie Bowman
an eco-friendly paperie and design studio

"While playing Field Hockey, I sustained a foot injury
that left me in a cast for 9 months. After countless
appointments from a series of podiatrists and
orthopedists a year and half after the injury, I
still had serious problems walking. (One even
suggested the problem was in my head!)

In despair and considerable pain, a friend
recommended I call Ira. Ira was more concerned and
interested in the injury than any of the doctors that
I had seen. Within three months, I was back on the
hockey pitch. Now, a year later, I am training for my
first marathon! I would not be where I am today
without him .

His wealth of knowledge of the human body amazes me
every time I walk through the door. He has not only
helped me physically, but because he is an athlete
himself, he also has helped me in my training.
Thanks Ira, you're the best! " (Summer 2008)

"He looks at the body in a holistic way"

Christina Saru

"I am a Prima Ballerina who danced professionally in Europe for twenty years and taught ballet in Atlanta since 1991. I had hundreds of massages in my life, so I am qualified to appreciate an excellent massage therapist like Ira Wikel. For the past ten years, he helped me enormously in many circumstances: from muscle sore to headaches, from joint and back pains to injuries, counseling me and even giving me the treating ointments. He looks at the body in a holistic way and works on the cause of imbalance, fixing the problem.

Ira is very knowledgeable and experienced in his profession and a very nice person.

After his massages, I feel very good, relaxed, and in good spirits.

Thank you, Ira!"

"I would highly recommend Ira to anyone..."

Kyle Glave

"Ira Wikel certainly has years of experience both from a competitive athletic standpoint (former competitive runner) as well as a clinical/therapeutic/ sports massage standpoint. So he really understands and knows what it takes to maintain your athleticism as well as your competitive edge.

I have played competitive 2-man sand volleyball for the last 18 yrs and continue to do so. I am also a very competitive mountain biker and snowboarder and if it was not for a regular regimen with Ira to help me recover quicker, maintain my flexibility and work on the various muscle groups as they get overworked I would not be able to continue playing the sports at the level I enjoy so much. Having had back surgery 16 yrs ago and still being very competitive and athletic Ira completely understood my needs and was/is able to assess, palpate and treat me so I can remain competitive. Now as I have turned 46 this year I am a firm believer of the benefits of sports massage and my abilities to still play hard.

I would highly recommend Ira to anyone that is considering sports/therapeutic massage and the benefits it brings. Without his care and abilities I'd probably just be another middle aged couch potato!" (2008)


"Ira helps me stay injury-free"

Dr. Simon Grist,
Professor of Educational Psychology, Atlanta.

"For 20 years, Ira has helped me understand how to maintain my workouts and runs while remaining injury-free. His extensive experience as an athlete and clinician has taught me so much about nutrition, how the body reacts to the stresses of exercise, and how best to maintain my exercise program over the years. Ira is a true "sensei." (Spring, 2008)

"Increased my flexibilty, reduced inflammation..."

Meade Sutterfield
Lifetime competitive athlete

"As a 58-year-old former college football player and lifetime competitive athlete, I have had my share of breaks, surgeries and sprains. Ira has been working with me for about seven years, and through routine massage therapy and stretching has increased my flexibility, reduced inflammation from chronic issues and decreased my injury rate and severity from my current athletics. Through stretching and massage I am still able to compete with younger athletes on the court" (2008)

"His dedication to learning all he could..."

Means Davis
International Judge for the sport of sailing.

"I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto-immune disease which struck me at age 28. I am now 67 and most people do not realize I am afflicted. They may think me a little crazy, but not so debilitated that I can’t function normally. I owe much of that to Ira Wikel. He started working with me some 15 years ago and his dedication to learning all he could about the effects of the disease has enabled me to continue to do many of the things I love to do. Ira has developed techniques to help me deal with my decreasing mobility and pain.

I look forward to my appointments with Ira knowing that I will have some relief from cramps, stiffness, and pain associated with my disease. The amazing thing is the way the manifestation of the disease is constantly changing and Ira is there to head off its effects." (2008)